Shoot for Change manifested after a fashion and makeup photoshoot in Stockholm, Sweden. After posting those photos on the web in November 2006, a couple of people asked me to take their photos and to name my price. Considering I had just started taking pictures, I was surprised when someone asked me to do this, let alone want to actually pay me. I thought about it and a few hours later, this statement was born: "All the money from every photoshoot that I do will go to a nonprofit organization."

I typed it, marinated it, debated it, and after several days, I knew this was something I needed to do. I instantly bought a domain, created a website, and registered "Shoot for Change" at the US Patent and Trademark Office. After the makeup photoshoot, I realized that I truly loved photography and that money would never be a motivating factor.

My vision is that "Shoot for Change" will take a life of its own and will become a kaleidoscope of highly skilled photographers, models, designers, stylists, and a creative community with one thing in mind: to shoot for change and inspire the world one click at a time.


You donate all the money directly to a nonprofit organization of your choice for an amount that we negotiate. You will get the tax benefit of making a donation to a nonprofit organization.

Starting @ $500
- Family and Personal Portraits (1 hour photoshoot)
- Fashion portfolio for Models, Designers, Hair and Makeup Artists, Stylists (1 hour photoshoot)

Starting @ $3500
- Weddings and corporate events (6 hours of coverage)