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first magazine photos

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Last weekend, I was involved in a fashion photoshoot for a nonprofit organization called "Fashion Fights Poverty". And today, I just saw the electronic version of the magazine they publish to help raise money for their programs.

I still cannot believe it! This has multiple layers of goodness for me in that, first, I was involved in a shoot that was designed to be in a magazine. And secondly, it was for an official nonprofit organization that leverages fashion. Knowing all of this and working with the team involved during the shoot, I was actually very nervous. It got to a point where I couldn't even figure out how to do a simple thing like change lenses! Luckily for me, the creative director and founder of Fashion Fights Poverty was very reassuring and made sure I knew that he liked how the photos were turning out.

Anyway, just wanted to share that with you. You can see the electronic version by visiting the link below this email. I also pointed out the pages of where I saw my work and/or name (I never thought I would be this giddy about this stuff).

And you can buy one for $20 and help raise money for the programs that Fashion Fights Poverty support. Considering that this is mine (and Shoot for Change's) first published work, it might be worth more when you try to sell it on ebay later. Just a thought. =)

Great times.


Pages 4-5
The photo in the middle in between the Editor's and President's letter! I also took the photo of the founder, Michael Dumlao (small picture on page 5).

Page 7
There's a little info about Shoot for Change and of "Walter Grio" with a small black/white picture.

Pages 28 - 33
These photos were taken in Michael's basement - ridiculous. It even had this old school bicycle! My favorite picture is the one with the bike. The first draft of the layout had this as a small photo, but I'm so happy they turned it into a full page layout and the cover for the section.

Page 41
Credits page for the "Mix and Match" photoshoot and more text about Shoot for Change.

Cover Page (icing on the cake)
Credit says "Fashion spreads by Jodi King and Walter Grio" To even be in the same sentence with Jodi King is just crazy. As you can see in the photos she took, she is just on a whole different level.

Link to the magazine:

Link to Fashion Fights Poverty:

fashion for paws

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Here are some photos from the "Fashion for Paws" event that took place at the Embassy of Italy last night. It was a pretty fun event with TONS of people. I think there were some VIPs there but the only one I recognized was Clinton Portis. haha.

This event benefited the Washington Humane Society and basically the "models" each raised a certain amount of money to get to walk the runway. I was slightly disappointed that not all the dogs on the runway came from the shelter, but I guess the bottom line is that they were able to raise over $300k.

Here is the link to the photos: