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one thing leads to another

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it's funny how one thing leads to another. but as you can see, "shoot for change" is much more than just about one person or one organization. in some ways, it has become a kaleidoscope of ideas and possibilities and more and more people are executing on those ideas and possibilities. and that is pretty cool.


january 2010 started out with officially moving to dc and a letter from the mercedes-benz fashion week new york. this led me to shooting dc fashion week and pink jams. that drove me to shoot all the fashion related charity events including fashion for paws, tigerlily, and couture for a cure. next thing i know, i'm invited by angela steever and jennifer harlow to a don patron mother's day portrait show at the peacock cafe to find out if i would do my first photo exhibit in washington dc there. done and done. ironically enough, you could hear pink martini playing in the background.

during the summer, i did an event with merissa benitez and anastasia lambrou at the puro cafe in georgetown. this event benefited women empowered against violence. it was a small event, but it would somehow lead to meeting several cool new people including lais lacher, april watts, michael gomez, and later on, jazz singer sheena alexis who will be singing at future sfc events. in addition, kemy greene is hosting an event at boconcept georgetown in march 2011 that's also benefiting women empowered against violence. and of course i have to write that my connection with boconcept only happened because jennifer harlow was taking a real estate class and decided to sit next to the cool looking girl, tia mamada, who happened to be working at boconcept at the time.

shortly thereafter, micky farivar recommends me as a photographer to a few peacock cafe regulars including photographing a surprise birthday party and an author who just finished writing her mother's unfinished book. lynda plott needed headshots before she toured her book and at the time of our shoot, she didn't know where to donate the money. two weeks later, she emails me and says she's donating the money to capital breast care center during a special breakfast fundraiser. she didn't mention where the breakfast was going to be, but for some strange coincidence, i was at the same hotel that same morning with my parents as i was dropping them off at their megabus trip to new york. later that night, i found out that most of the folks i know were also at that breakfast.

angela steever came up with a great idea called SFC Family Day where we take family portraits for $200. several families signed up quickly and before we knew it, we had to turn people away. this led to jennifer harlow organizing another SFC Family Day that would benefit an organization she just learned about called capital breast care center. she was also at that same breakfast. as we were planning the 2nd SFC Family Day, i suggested that we have an indoor location just in case the weather didn't turn out right. i threw out the kreeger museum and next thing i know, jennifer harlow calls me back and says they're interested and next thing i know, we're touring the museum. we didn't actually work with the kreeger museum, but they kept SFC on their radar and eventually invited SFC to be a partner in a fundraising event for their alzheimer's program called "conversations".

after the 2nd SFC Family Day, jennifer harlow suggested that we hand deliver the checks to the capital breast care center office. i agreed and we meet susannah fox at the cbcc office. as we were walking around the office, i saw some of the best artworks and paintings i've seen, which led me to asking her where they got them. in short, she told me that they were done by seniors living at the lisner-louise-dickson-hurt home in chevy chase. i was so inspired that at THAT VERY MOMENT, i said i wanted to do photo portraits. i emailed the info email address i found on the website and two days later, i'm sitting in front of the CEO and executive director of the lisner-louise-dickson-hurt home pitching to them my idea. they were so floored that we're having a big photo and art exhibition in may 2011 at the home.

at the same exact time that the above paragraph was happening, a photo exhibit project with pink jams was brewing that would benefit, once again, capital breast care center. this photo exhibit is large (requires 100 feet of total display), expensive (i asked people for money and eventually used shoot for change as a major vehicle to raise funds), and mind numbingly exciting (i couldn't even look or edit more than 3 photos at a time because of the emotion in the photos). this exhibit is on april 19th at the atlas performing arts center. and because of the generosity of so many people, capital breast care center does not incur any of the costs. and because of this photo exhibit, i just photographed linda mathes, the CEO of american red cross for the national capital region. this photoshoot would then lead to...