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resident artists show raises $10k

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The Resident Artists show at the Lisner-Louise-Dickson-Hurt home raised over $10,000. That's over $10k worth of artwork, photoshoots, raffle tickets, and more importantly, dozens of smiling faces from the seniors living at the home.

I remember the first time I saw their art work at the Capital Breast Care Center office with my friend Jennifer Harlow. We were there for completely different reasons and when the Director of Development, Susannah Fox, told me that the art work hanging on their walls were from the LLDH home, I was instantly floored. And when I learned that the home served low to no income seniors, I instantly knew I had to take their photos.

I knew that with the portraits, I needed someone to write their stories. I'm grateful for Megan Harrington who spent countless hours interviewing each of the Resident Artists and hearing more about their stories and inspiration. The essays that Megan wrote made the art work and the residents come alive and made everyone learn more about each of the Resident Artists. A picture maybe worth a thousand words, but sometimes you actually need words to accurately capture the essence of the individual. Megan is an incredibly talented writer and I'm grateful for her time, support, and excitement about this project.

At the same time that we were planning the exhibit, I knew that I wanted to get the help of Lindsey Mask, founder of Ladies DC. I sought out her help and support as I felt that her organization was an organization that I wanted to affiliate with. As I knew more about Lindsey, there was no doubt that I was meeting a very special and caring individual. I was really glad that she met me one day (a holiday no less) at Sushiko in Chevy Chase. She instantly saw the art work, felt inspired, and wanted to help as much as possible. What she and Ladies DC have done to promote, support, and raise awareness were simply outstanding. I am also grateful for Clark Seydel, who Lindsey brought with her when we met the staff one evening to help plan the event. It was a tough time for both Lindsey and Clark as they were dealing with a loss, but they took time out of their incredibly busy day to meet with the LLDH staff. Both Lindsey and Clark are wonderful people I hope that everyone can have the opportunity to meet them both.

Around the same time, I met singer Sheena Alexis at an event at Puro Cafe. I actually heard about her and instantly Googled her and found a video on YouTube. I was immediately impressed when I heard her voice and I am so happy that she came out to sing a special song during the LLDH awards ceremony. Her performance brought tears and I'm grateful for her taking the time to be there and also inviting a special band that made this event even more unique. I hope that you will all have the opportunity to see Sheena Alexis perform.

Last and certainly not least, I would like to thank Don Patron for painting portraits of each of the Resident Artists. His work, quite simply, made this event very special for me. For him to take the time out of his busy schedule and paint each portrait quickly and amazingly made this event very special. All of the Resident Artists loved his work and many of them made sure they thanked him and showed their appreciation for his work. Despite the fact that Don has many things on his calendar, I'm grateful that he took the time to work on this project.

Hands down, this was one of the most special projects I've ever been involved with. I'm grateful for NBC Washington, Georgetown Dish, Bisnow, and Her Exchange for covering the event and sharing the stories about the LLDH home.

The artwork is always available for viewing. Please feel free to call the home to setup an appointment. You can also view their work at both Sushiko locations in Chevy Chase and Georgetown. I guarantee that you will love it and you will never forget it.

For more info about the home, please visit their website at