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my first photo exhibit in dc

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Looks like I'll be having a photo exhibit in DC around June and maybe a second one sometime after that! So crazy. Basically, there are two ladies who really like my work and tonight was the first time I met them in person.I shot their photos at a Pink Jams fashion event in February and they really liked the photos I took of them. One lady, Jennifer, is a breast cancer survivor and she told me that the photo I took of her during that fashion event was just her absolute favorite. She said that she never would have imagined having that kind of picture when she was going through her cancer and it sorta hit her when she saw the photo. One photo I took of her caught her really laughing as she's walking down the runway.The other lady, Angela, is also a big fan of my photos. When I met both of them tonight for the first time at an art exhibit, Angela was telling me all her favorite pictures - and it was so funny because some of them dated back from the beginning - like the "I Miss You" or even a shot of Paris or Budapest that I barely remember.So both of them want to organize and host an event for me. =) They already have the venue, talked to the owners, and now it's just a matter of picking a date.I actually had never met two people who were that excited about my work (maybe Jill or MJ). They kept on and on and telling everyone about my work - even introducing me to the artist who had the show tonight. It was kinda overwhelming. And it was definitely exciting.